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Mission Valley . . . In the News

MVPC members have been in the news for decades! Check out the latest and greatest we've been up to!

Julie Wolfert Eventing and MVPC . . . a winning partnership!

Ever wonder how it is Mission Valley members are such strong riders and competitors? Our secret weapon is Julie Wolfert Eventing! She takes our kids to the next level. Learn more about our special relationship with JWE by watching the Better Horses Episode featuring both our organizations here.


Clare Peters . . . aka "Little Eventer"

At age 7, Claire Peters has already captured the attention of the eventing world with her fierce riding and hilarious personality. Click on her photos below to see her latest press. And, look for Little Eventer on Instagram!



Ozwald Holcomb . . . the dog behind the success of MVPC


In addition to being the unofficial mascot for MVPC, Ozwald is also the head of the MVPC "Aussie Posse." Between the two organizations, he really has his paws full. Other members of the posse include:


Oliver (right) hanging with Oswald (left) at Longview Horse Park


Baxter, with two girls in the club, takes his role in the posse very seriously.

The Aussie Posse, with a guest appearance by JWE's George

Due to his sparkling personality and always dapper appearance, Ozwald has gained quite a fan following on Eventing Nation. He was featured here.

Follow Ozwald and his adventures on his Facebook Page!

*mini Australian Shepherds are not required for membership in MVPC, though they are highly recommended.