Mission Valley

Alumni Profiles and Opportunities

Where Are They Now?

Mission Valley is incredibly proud of it's alumni and their many accomplishments. This page will be a work in progress, as we compile alumni stories. If you are a Mission Valley alum, please contact us at missionvalleyponyclub@gmail.com.

Alumni Opportunities for Service

Your club still needs you! Would you like to reconnect with MVPC?

Riding Instruction . . .if you have expertise in dressage, eventing, or show jumping, please reach out to us. MVPC alumni have served as visiting instructors, certification examiners, and clinicians.

Unmounted Instruction . . .we welcome your contributions in all areas of horsemanship. If you work as a breeder, farrier, veterinarian, judge, saddler, equine massage therapist, professional groom, or other equestrian professional, our kids will benefit from your insights and expertise. You may even inspire them to follow a career path they hadn't previously considered.

Sharing Your Passion . . . perhaps you'd like to spread the word about one of the lesser known types of riding such as driving, foxhunting, endurance, vaulting, or polocrosse. Our kids would love to spend an afternoon or evening learning something new. If you are a member of an organization which supports your type of riding, you might find a new enthusiast, volunteer or participant in our group.

Mentoring . . . we would love to pair you with a child who shares your passion for a particular discipline, interest, or profession. Allowing a young person to shadow you in your "real life" activity or work, stepping up to guide them through a process you already know well, or just being a cheerleader and source of encouragement for a child can make a huge difference.

Volunteering  . . . if you would like to help us put on show, work the gate at Longview, or offer an extra set of hands and eyes at camp, your help is always welcome and needed.

Donations . . . we are always in need of second hand clothing and equipment, especially for our newest members, who often need "everything" when they begin riding. Breeches, paddock boots, half chaps or boots, unneeded tack and supplies . . . if it's safe and still usable we will find a good home for your items. Snacks for meetings or prizes for holiday parties are wonderful donations too!

What's In It For You?

We are sometimes able to pay instructors for their time, depending on our yearly budget. We can always offer contributing alumni free cross country schoolings at Longview, waived entry fees at shows we organize, Pony Club support at shows we attend (in the form of stall cleanings, night checks, morning feed etc.), a seat at the table during our yearly planning process, Sponsorship (voting rights) under certain circumstances, and of course the undying gratitude and devotion of Pony Clubbers!